A Plethora of Creativity


Our staff is so talented! Sadaat Hossain, owner, and staff members Scott Dambacher, J. Pauly Zimmer esq., and Nate Dauphinais will be in the upcoming production of “Funy As Hell” on July 31st & August 1st at the SkyBox Lounge (located upstairs from the H.A.C.).

Performance artist and Detroit native Satori Circus does most of his original work in the metro area. His “absurdist” style draws on music, lyrical poetry, theater, multiple characters, film and movement to bring a surreal synthesis of the arts, with influences that stretch everywhere from Dada to Monty Python, from David Bowie to vaudeville. In short, a Satori Circus show is pure entertainment.

Written and composed by Brian & Dave Dambacher as well as Satori Circus,  “Funy As Hell” uses Dante’s The Divine Comedy as a framework. You are guided through a labyrinth of questions, of spirit, of destiny, of hope, of despair, and pure naughtiness: all the same musings. You witness the travels of a man who is lost in a dream between the here and there of Purgatory, Hell and Paradise: the same premise. Combining music, song, costumes, sound & lights, movement, film, cabaret and enlightenment your perception is obscured as to what performance art is, or what it could be…and yes, these are all the same contraptions used to embellish a story.

Blurring what is typically thought of as theatre, SATORI CIRCUS and the Dambachers will bring the audience through the subterranean worlds of Purgatory, Hell and Paradise to witness, participate in and analyze the situations that our protagonist, our hero (or anti-hero), manages to become involved with…deliberately or accidentally.

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