A Green Thumb Inquiry…

My thumb is black. I’m a serial killer when it comes to plants. I jokingly say that things don’t cry to be fed are doomed to die in my care (I don’t keep fish either).

gardenOn that dour note, I’m wondering if my green-thumbed readers might be able to help me out with some input. We made a small planting bed next to the back door of the Raven and are planning to grow some herbs. I’m a big fan of form and function, so I’m looking for a list of plants that are both aesthetically pleasing and useful that would thrive under the following conditions:

  • Occasional saturation of soil from the building’s down spout
  • Has a shallow root system (only about 6″ of soil to work with)
  • Direct sunlight for half the day

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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