A Project in Nicaragua with Local Impact

deidreI was recently approached by an old friend, Deidre Murch, about helping her fund a trip to Nicaragua, where she and her Random Acts/Dreams to Acts Team would build a high school for local residents. High school education is not free in Nicaragua. Teens and adults who cannot afford it are considered “second class citizens” by the state, their community and even themselves. She and her team will be heading down in November to give these deserving students a beautiful campus of their own, complete with library and a computer lab. Deidre asked me what I look for as a business owner when donating to a cause. My reply? Local community impact. How will it help my community– MY people?

In response to my reply, Deidre has pledged to educate local middle and high school students on life in other countries. She will be sharing a presentation of stories, photos and videos of her time in Haiti in 2013, as well as Nicaragua.

Before Sadaat and I purchased the Raven, I worked as the activities manager for a local after-school program where kids had the opportunity to learn real world skills and receive homework help. Many of the students were defined as “at-risk”: bright kids with challenges outside of school (financially, domestic, etc.). The most challenging part of working with these students was overcoming their sense of apathy, which seems to run rampant in our schools today; students with fabulous brains that could utilize their high school as an opportunity to start off their adult life in a great way- all they need is to see its value. I believe Deidre sharing her experience is a beautiful way to drive home the importance and privilege that is an education. Please help us help her. Donate today!

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