A Book Lover’s Fix

With all the work being doing to the Raven library, I’ve been asked more than a few times if I plan to create checkout system. Short answer: No.

As a restaurant, our primary focus is to get folks their fare and drinks in a fast, friendly and efficient way.

Therefore, we are going to try an idea suggested by one of our staff. An area upstairs will be designated where folks can store books they are in the process of reading. For a quarter, patrons can purchase a special bookmark to keep their place, and it will be a signal to other patrons and staff that the book is in use.

This privilege will belong to our regulars. As you can see on the bookmark, patrons must come in at minimum once a month and date their bookmark as they read their book. If more than a month passes, we’ll reshelf the book and store their bookmark.

To keep the library neat and somewhat organized we’ve hired Irene Ratajczak-Smith, student at Port Huron Northern, to manage the library.

The books are on the shelves for you, our regular patrons, to enjoy, so start enjoying them today and never lose your place in our place!

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